Danny's Story

As a child, Danny did not imagine following his family’s footsteps. He had a passion for history, particularity military history and of Israel’s road to statehood and independence. His interest in design was focused on cars, not jewelry.

Danny in the Golan Heights during the Yom Kippur War.

His path in life changed after the Yom Kippur war. Danny served in the Israeli reserves, as tank commander in the Golan Heights, almost losing his eyesight during the war. After the war, Danny worked as one of the first Diamond couriers for the Brinks Company. Traveling between Tel Aviv and London frequently, he reacquainted with the jewelry world, and the joys that come with it. 

The Joys of the Jewelry Business 

Danny always says that he takes deep pleasure is helping customers before & during the greatest joys in their lives; Designing and selecting engagement rings & wedding bands, Birthday & anniversary gifts or celebrating other major achievements or milestones.

“When a person comes into my store, I know they are here to celebrate something significant, and we have an opportunity to take part in one of their most joyous memories, with a jewel that will last them a lifetime and will be handed down from generation to generation. Hearing from customers, even years after the purchase, how much they still enjoy a Jewel I made, is truly rewarding.”

Design & Inspiration

a collage of Danny hiking with his wife Osnat, and hand drawn jewelry designs

I get my ideas while swimming, or hiking in Israel beautiful landscapes. My mind clears, a shape forms or a composition of colors appears”. Danny describes the elusive path to inspiration.

Danny loves Israel, and experiencing it with his wife, Osnat. Once a month, on weekends (when the weather allows), Osnat & Danny hike segments of Israel’s National Trail with a group of friends.

The design process often starts from the unique organic shape of a Pearl, or a combination of colors arrived at while sorting and selecting natural colored gemstones like Sapphires and Tourmalines. But the Eureka moment doesn’t necessarily happen at the jeweler’s bench, but rather when I’m outdoors.”


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