Bespoke Commissioned Jewelry

Tell us of your dream jewel, and we will use our expertise to create it for you.

Danny and our team of designers and master goldsmiths, are available to help patrons experience and participate in the creative process.

We offer our clients the opportunity to bring their own emotions and desires to life in the creation of a unique bespoke jewel, designed just for them. Working on a customized bespoke piece of jewelry, step by step with our customers, is one of the most rewarding parts of our business.

Whether you want to change or build on one of our existing designs, make a modification or a complete redesign using a jewel you already own, or create something entirely unique, our bespoke service caters to all.

We have helped many customers articulate their ideas and design made to order commissioned jewelry for them, ranging from dainty personalized pendants to large statement pieces that will become precious heirlooms.

To start the process, we will need you to consider and let us know few things about the jewel you would want us to create:

Will we design the jewel for you, or is it intended as a gift?

You will need to consider and inform us of the wearer’s lifestyle, work and personal style and preferences, so we can together make the right choices regarding the materials, colors and gemstones that will be used to create this bespoke jewel. Specific size and dimensions, like a ring size for example, would also advance the process.

Bear in mind the bespoke design process may take some time. Conversations between us, sourcing the right gemstones, and finalizing the design can take as little as a day and as long as several months. Whether this commission is an engagement ring for a romantic wedding proposal or for a milestone occasion, like an anniversary or a birthday, It is best to contact us well ahead of the due date.