Family History

Danny Eliav Continues a Family Tradition of Jewelry Design in Jerusalem, Since 1890.

Shlomo Moussaieff

Rabbi Shlomo Moussaieff in traditional Jewish Bukharian dress, with a copy of his business card.

Rabbi Shlomo Moussaieff, Danny's great-grandfather, was one of the founders of the Bukharian Jewish community in Jerusalem. He immigrated to Israel in 1890 and based his Jewelry & Gemstone business in Jerusalem. Moussaieff’s sons, including Danny’s grandfather, Rehavia Moussaieff, spent the early decades 1900’s traveling the world dealing in Natural Pearls and expanding the family business.

Rehavia Moussaieff

Portrait of Rehavia Moussaieff

Rehavia traveled between Jerusalem, Paris, New York and to Far East, dealing in Natural Pearls from the Mississippi, the Persian Gulf and the Pacific Ocean. 


When the innovative process of cultivating Pearls emerged in Japan, Rehavia, utilizing his knowledge & expertise in pearl, gemstones & jewelry trade, to integrate Cultured Pearls into the family’s business. 

Rehavia Moussaieff selecting pearls in Japan.

Moussaieff’s Jewelry store on Shlomzion HaMalka St in Jerusalem was a gem of luxury during the British Mandate of Israel, with patronage of the highest order, including visiting dignitaries and Royal guests.  

Hana Eliav

Portrait of Hana Eliav 

After managing her father’s jewelry store, Hana Eliav, Danny's mother, opened her own jewelry store at the historic and world famous King David Hotel in Jerusalem. For over 40 years, her creations were coveted by the jewelry lovers that visited her store. Hana was a passionate jewelry designer, her signature weaved pearl jewelry and modern designs were a source of delight to her many patrons, Israelis and tourists alike.

Hana Eliav with selection of her creations.


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