Jewelry Manufacturing

Danny Eliav’s workshop is located in a gallery just above the store, and the process of designing & manufacturing jewelry is, in most cases, done completely in house.

Pearls, Diamonds & Gemstones Selection

Danny Selecting Freshwater Pearls

The process starts from Gemstone selection, Danny selects each Diamond, Pearl & Gemstone personally. “My suppliers think I’m crazy” he says, “I go over each gemstone personally, even the smallest diamond, and if it has an imperfection, or the brilliance isn’t just right, I do not use it. Two diamonds may have the same qualities on paper, but I have to see them in person to choose the right one.”

Building a Prototype & 3D CAD Design

Diamond ring Modeled in 3D CAD Program

When the right Gemstones are chosen, a prototype of the jewel is created by our expert goldsmiths, in wax, metal or on the computer, with a 3D CAD program.

Casting Jewelry

From the prototype we can either work directly to create the final Jewel, or form a mold to produce the jewel’s parts in wax, casting them in processed call “Lost Wax Casting”.

Danny casts all of the jewelry himself, personally inspecting the molten alloys to determine the right moment to release them into the plaster investment “The surface of the gold has to appear mirror like, than I know it is the right time”.

Fabrication & Assembly 

Cast Jewelry parts with tools on a goldsmith's bench

After the casting, fabrication begins. The fine metal parts are processed & cleaned by our goldsmiths, removing imprecations with fine grit tools, creating a smooth metal surface to facilitate assembly & soldering.

Close up on a goldsmith working on a new tourmaline Butterfly jewel

The assembled jewel then tumbled and pre-polished, so it is ready to be set with the selected Diamonds, Pearl or Gemstones.

The final stage in the jewel’s creation is the polish. In order to achieve the desired metal surface, the jewel is polished to perfection for a shiny mirror like surface. If a more rustic matte finish the desired, the texture is applied as a final touch.

Quality Control & Final Inspection

Danny inspects every final jewel personally, insuring each detail is up to the highest quality, to meet the requirement of our customers.


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